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The Dehcho Process refers to the land, resource and governance negotiation process between the Dehcho First Nations, the Government of the Northwest Territories and the Government of Canada (the Parties). It is intended to achieve clarity on ownership, sovereignty and jurisdiction of the lands and First Nations in the Dehcho territory. Land Use Planning is only one piece of this process.

On May 23, 2001, all three Parties signed a Framework Agreement which lays out how negotiations will proceed, and the Interim Measures Agreement which gives the Dehcho a role in resource management decisions. The next stage of negotiations focuses on Interim Land Withdrawals (granting interim protection from development) and an Interim Resource Development Agreement (to allow the Dehcho to benefit from resource development during negotiations).

The Parties have agreed to work towards an Agreement-in-Principle (AIP) in 5 years, but will first develop a broader General Agreement-in-Principle (GAIP) as a stepping stone to keep momentum going and lay out the major elements of a final agreement. The last step will be the negotiation and ratification of the Final Agreement.


The Land Use Plan and Interim Land Withdrawals are closely related. To identify areas for the Interim Land Withdrawals, the researchers looked at many of the same issues the Committee needs to look at but in much less detail so the proposed withdrawals offer a good starting point for discussion of overall land use decisions. Since the Planning Committee will have more information and time to work with, they will be able to update the Proposed Interim Land Withdrawals as new information becomes available. Both processes are improved by the presence of the other.

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