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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

A Geographic Information System is a computerized mapping system. It works by storing information about specific locations. The type of information you collect about that location will vary with the type of questions you want answers to. For example, if you were mapping hunting locations, you would record how many times you have used it, what species were hunted, your success rate, description of vegetation, etc.

When you've collected the same information on hundreds or thousands of these locations and entered the information into your computer, you can see things you couldn't see before because the information is displayed in a map that you can look at. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. We can produce a map for each type of information collected - one showing where different species were hunted, one showing hunting success, one showing vegetation, etc. Then we can combine these maps to see how they relate to each other.

GIS and Land Use Planning

GIS is important in land use planning. We need to know where the resources are located to know how to manage them and how they affect other land uses. Most of the information we will be gathering and presenting will be in the forms of maps. Much of the information on traditional land use and occupancy that has been gathered over the last seven years was gathered on maps. Our analysis will involve taking these different maps, combining them to see how they relate to each other and determining where some land uses will be in conflict and where others will work well together. These combined maps will then be taken back to the communities and stakeholders to discuss the results and make decisions about land use priorities. We believe that maps will be an effective communication tool in our consultations with communities because everyone is looking at the same information together.

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