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The Land Use Planning Committee was established in 2001 as set out in the Dehcho First Nations Interim Measures Agreement. As per the agreement, the Committee is composed of five members - one representative each from the Government of Canada and the Government of the Northwest Territories, two representatives from the Dehcho First Nations, and the chair of the Committee who will be chosen by the other four Committee members.

Board members and staff as of the end of May, 2014, are:

Joachim Bonnetrouge,

Joachim Bonnetrouge was appointed as Chair of the Dehcho Land Use Planning Committee in February 2012. He was born on the land in Fort Providence. He attended 13 years of residential school, graduating with a diploma from high school in Fort Smith and went on to study at college in Edmonton and Ottawa. Mr. Bonnetrouge served the community of Fort Providence and the Deh Cho region in many capacities, including community development worker, Dene Zhatie language coordinator and employment workshop facilitator and project manager for the Aboriginal Health Foundation Healing Project for the Indian residential school survivors throughout the Deh Cho region. He has served on numerous boards and committees, including the Native Communications Society, Deh Cho Health and Social Services, Dehcho Economic Corporation and the Youth Justice Circle. In July 2013, Mr. Bonnetrouge was again elected Chief of the Deh Gah Gotie First Nations. Mr. Bonnetrouge has a keen interest in culture, traditions and values of his Dehcho Dene people. He is a Member of the Dehcho Dene Drummers. With his wife, Nancy, they have worked together to raise four children.

Board Member
Allen Bouvier , Dehcho First Nations Representative - Director

Allen Bouvier was born in Fort Providence and graduated from high school in Fort Smith. He loves the land and has made it his career. He was in the second graduating class from the Renewable Resource Technology program in Thebacha College. With this training, he was hired by Renewable Resources with GNWT and worked in habitat management and preparing for the transfer of the forest management program from Canada. In 1986, he transferred to Economic Development and Tourism, GNWT and took training in renewable resource development in Calgary and helped start various projects in the NWT and Nunavut. When Evergreen Forestry started in the 1990’s, he spent his summers as base manager and in winter, he helped set up and work for the Fort Providence Renewable Resource Management Board. In 2007, he moved to Fort Simpson and became the land and resources manager for Liidlii Kue First Nation. In his spare time, he tracks down historical stories and photographs about Dehcho people and the land.

Board Member

Herb Norwegian , Dehcho First Nations Representative - Director

In fall 2011, Herb Norwegian was re-appointed to the Dehcho Land Use Planning Committee as one of the two members for Dehcho First Nations. Herb is Vice-Chair of the Committee. He has been involved with Dehcho First Nations governance for over 25 years. He was Vice President of the Dene Nation from 1979 to 1993, and chief for Liidlii Kue First Nation from 1992 to 1997. In July 2012, Herb was again elected Grand Chief of Dehcho First Nations, a position he has held twice before. Herb also served as the assistant negotiator for the Dehcho Process from 1997 until 2003. He has also worked as a consultant with Dehcho First Nations on negotiations, lands and resources made presentations to groups across Canada about the Dehcho Process. Herb is passionate about promoting Dehcho culture and language. Whenever he can, he follows his traditional lifestyle -- hunting, trapping and fishing, and keeping trails open to the Edehzhie (Horn Plateau).


The Board's responsibility is to guide the development of the plan and ensure proper consultation and communication is occurring with all relevant parties. The actual development of the plan will be done by staff at the Land Use Planning Office. Staff recruitment has been an ongoing and evolving process as the board assessed their requirements. There are five staff members in total: an Executive Director, Land Use Planner, Land Use Planner Trainee, GIS analyst, and an Office Manager.

The following staff members are based out of the head office in Fort Providence:

Board Member

Brian McGuigan, Federal Representative - Director

(Bio coming soon.)

Board Member

Shannon Cumming, GNWT Representative

Shannon Cumming is currently an Associate Director with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Government of the Northwest Territories. Originally from Fort Smith, he has extensive experience on land and resource issues. He is a graduate of Mount Royal College (Community and Regional Planning), the University of Calgary (Geography/Resource Management) and the University of British Columbia (Law).

Shannon gained experience with land use planning with the Denendeh Land Use Planning Commission, the forerunner to the current regional land use planning processes.
Prior to coming to the GNWT, Shannon worked for many years with the Northwest Territory Métis Nation, serving as legal counsel and then as Chief Negotiator. He gained exposure to complex negotiations, intergovernmental relations, community consultations and policy and regulatory issues.

Shannon credits his parents with instilling in him the belief that education is the key to our communities’ achieving their vision of being strong and self-reliant. He speaks to youth about the importance of achieving a post-secondary education, and participates in mentoring opportunities for the emerging generation of leaders in the NWT. Shannon believes strongly in the principles of integrated resource management and collaborative work, and looks forward to working with the Dehcho Land Use Planning Committee.

Staff Member

Sophie Bonnetrouge, Office Manager

Sophie grew up in Fort Providence. She has completed her Adult Basic Education (ABE) and a 2 year diploma program in Management Studies at Aurora College in Fort Smith. She is currently seeking a Finance Officer’s Certificate through the Community Finance Program, Municipal and Community Affairs.

She has successfully completed the first half of the certificate and applies her skills proficiently in managing the Committee’s financial systems and records. As a local, she has been invaluable in developing links between the Planning Committee and the local community in which we operate.

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